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UN Security Council delivers rare statement

The UN Security Council has the death of Osama bin Laden welcomed. The United Nations is seen in the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden a "turning point". China also wants to fight against terrorism.
Washington / New YorkDie 15 members of the highest body of the United Nations, the Security Council adopted on Monday evening in the presence of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, a presidential statement in which reaffirmed the members of their determination to terrorist organizations and their stakeholders with full rigor to account to draw. Such a statement on the death of a man of the Security Council is extremely rare
The Security Council called on the international community to continue to be vigilant and to jointly pursue the struggle against terrorism. In addition, the Panel pointed out that terrorism not only by military and law enforcement can be fought, but by the development of civil societies and a growing understanding of how and why terrorist ideas developed.

Ban had called the meeting of the Security Council before the death of Bin Laden as a "turning point" in the common fight against international terrorism. The crimes of Al Qaeda had brought pain and loss of thousands of lives on almost every continent. "I myself was on this sad day here in New York," Ban said in view of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center 2,001th

The commando action against Osama bin Laden would not, in the words of a top adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama must end with the death of the terrorist leaders. It was also prepared to take him prisoner, Obama's anti-terrorism adviser John Brennan said Monday in Washington. Previously it had said the goal of the mission was to kill Bin Laden was.

The United States now want to clarify how Bin Laden could be hiding on such a large property and whether Pakistani authorities knew about it. "We want to find out how the terrorist leader" so long "I can keep hidden," said Brennan. "We investigate every clue." On the action were not Pakistani security forces have been involved.

Worldwide, leaders of the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden as a milestone in the fight against international terrorism welcomed. In the relief at the killing of most-wanted extremists mingled on Monday but also the fear of reprisals. Thus the Taliban, the Pakistani government and the U.S. threatened with immediate retaliation.