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Europe should not give up to power IMF

The race to succeed Strauss-Kahn has begun. It would be foolish to give up Europe in view of the € crisis the IMF top job.

With the resignation of Dominique Strauss-Kahn as IMF head the race for his successor is officially open. And even in Germany voices who believe that Europe should give up the post.
Finally, they had agreed last year to a downgrading of the European voting shares in the IMF. Since it was only fair, although the line items are no longer automatically Erbhof the Europeans had.
This sounds like the fox in the fable fontaine between explaining the sour grapes, after he has not managed to reach them. Finally, there are few adequate staff, which Germany could propose for the post.

Since it is easy to dispense with a nonchalant gesture to the occupation of this important post in Europe. If not a German, then it should be no other Europeans.

Why Europe should voluntarily give up control?

Indeed, such an attitude shows once more the power of a certain obscurity outside political discourse in this country. While there are decades more or less successful attempts to tame international politics, they bind to rules and processes to create the balance of interests.
In the end, but every country is trying as ever to expand its influence in the world, to occupy positions of power and expand spheres of influence. Why Europe should stay out of this fine game and voluntarily hand over control?

Especially since there are good substantive reasons right now to have an IMF boss who applies for understanding Europe and its complex internal situation? Finally, the € bankruptcy countries are still not saved.

Europe brings in the IMF much weight on the scale

Of course it is possible that another European candidate in the end does not find the necessary majority. But who is this fight one of the most important international post receives at least has not, in any case already lost.

Fortunately, at least other European governments have recognized this. They have the climate summit in Copenhagen to get a taste of what it means to play a role more in international decisions.
Unlike most UN bodies in which the West is hopelessly outnumbered, put Europe and the USA as the main investor in the IMF is still a lot of weight on the scale. And that Europe should play an active part, especially since the 2010 reform was voting weights has not yet entered into force.

Given the economic rise of Asia, the Europeans are already losing power. Because they should not wantonly and without premature to influence where they have it yet.