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Carmelo Anthony: New York Knicks - Madison Square Garden is again

That the Knicks reached in the 2009-10 season: The New Yorker had to watch in the playoffs. The team was only eleventh in the East, eighth would have been necessary for the collection. Since 2000, the Knicks have not won more playoff series, six years they were not there.

Head Coach: Mike D'Antoni: Since 2008, the 59-year-old with the Knicks in office. In the 2004/05 season he was voted Coach of the Year. At that time he managed the fortunes of the Phoenix Suns.
Stars: Before the season moved Amar'e Stoudemire from Phoenix to New York. The 28-year-old revived the venerable franchise and brought the audience in the Big Apple for the rapture. After all the bad years when the club only grief had prepared, basketball was in New York finally fun again. Stoudemire earned his services, the fourth All-Star nomination. "STAT" delivers an average of 25 points, two blocks and eight rebounds. The Knicks had another chance at the playoffs. Even better, it was found for the supporters than the so-called "Melo-drama to an end. It played small forward Carmelo Anthony, carries the nickname "Melo", the main role. The 26-year-old joined in February after months of Hick Hack of the Denver Nuggets team on his wish. Now the Knicks have two superstars in their ranks.

By Anthony Chauncy Billups had to build players to New York. The 34-year-old had his career but rather ended with the Nuggets in his hometown of Denver. Also worth mentioning is rookie Landry Fields, the first to 39th Body has been drafted, but completed a very good first season.

Result: 42 wins 40 defeats, and number six in the East

Prospects: "Melo" and "STAT" in a team - that sounds like a title candidate. The two flagship play together but only since the end of February. The Knicks were initially no better than before the change. To get Anthony, threaded the club up a mega-deal in which half the team was replaced. The team had found the first new. In the last season game but it was already better. They won seven games in a row. In the playoffs, Stoudemire and Co. are an uncomfortable opponent for any team. If it is running, the Knicks decide each series of its own. The way it looks now, fans have to be satisfied but this year it reached the finals and won two top players to have.