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Why Glenn Beck's Fox News Show Is Ending? Here's The Real Reason

Compare themselves to Paul Revere, Glenn Beck has used the last minutes of his show Fox News Channel on Wednesday to talk about why he gives his TV show later this year.
"When I do the work that I did not because he was going to make a career for me," said Beck of his audience. "Paul Revere not climb on the horse and say:" I'll do it for the rest of my life. "He did not. He dismounted from his horse at one point, and fought in the Revolution, then returned to the silver-smiths."

This is not exactly a secret that unhappy with many aspects of the media machine Fox strictly controlled (and not always favorable) was Beck and was eager to be free of him. 

At the opening of his show Wednesday Beck took the ad and promised to end his show clearly that "the big stocky guy on television (is) going to do in the future"
Beck said the truth was he never really wanted the show to Fox. He said he rejected the first offer because he "hated to do it to another place," a reference to his television show on the network of former Turner Broadcasting HLN.

He said that FNC is, by comparison, "sweeeeeet!"

Beck said he, finally, the daily television program Fox has taken the title of "me, something important would have thought to share. I really thought if I could get my case things went wrong in this way, some in America was wrong, America would prove to listen. And they have. I am surprised that both have the number, not even the top of this. "

Beck was on his rapid rise in the ratings, last year's peak, as it attracted more than 2.5 million viewers on certain nights, especially when discussing health care and whether they are involved in a handful of Other stories high.

Beck's ratings have since been more than two million young viewers was a night that always makes him one of the three of them on cable news, but the media have repeatedly shown in recent weeks, a decrease of audience of nearly one third.

At the end of his show in his statement, Beck said of his loyal audience that, although it will not be on at 5 pm EST each day he has not disappeared. He did something special for the FNC and he played during his many other activities, although he pointedly did not mention that he continues his daily radio show to make its web pages, publish books and to tour Live.

"I will tell the story to continue," Beck said, "and I'll show you to connect any other way for us, but I have other things to do."

Beck, who Forbes estimated at approximately $ 32 million last year (only $ 2,000,000 was for the show FNC), it was with this change was not because he can make more money elsewhere. It is not, "said Beck," because it is good or bad for business, but II do you think of all the people who actually receive, our only company in the area of ​​liberty and our country is this time. "

Beck finished with an appeal to his audience of leaders, to spread his message. "I'm the spokesperson," said Beck. "Never rely on someone to spoon feed you. Well, now you have more weight. You need to know what you think should be ready to be the person hat, hat, said others. "

Although it is not clear - and he did not try to explain it - if it is the choice of the FNC to leave or be pushed, he had kind words for the canal controversy as he had issued a press release Wednesday morning with the announcement of his departure.

"Fox is one of the few places where you can find the truth," said Beck. "Spread the word. Stick together and together we are the right thing for our country and our world to do."

Beck did not say when to end his show, but he made it clear he was not gone, and those who discovered it on Fox soon know where the next track.

After weeks of rumors and stories, and very public infighting news arrived today, probably a little earlier than expected - Beck's contract with Fox not the end of the end of the year.

The wording of the announcement of speaking, a public relations exercise if ever there was one, suggests the decision was taken earlier than expected, and that rhetoric has been accelerated in recent weeks in anticipation of what could happen.

Here's what does not respond to the opinion: When Glenn Beck will be off the air.

Here is how it responds the way: Who had the decision to jump.

On the surface, find the tone of the advertisement as entirely favorable. There are many strong opinions took Beck's mentioned - and make no mistake, they remain strong for a show so amazing 5.00. Beck and Wings and two words are mentioned nice things to each other.

There were also new working together Beck's Mercury radio company and Fox to produce a number of "important television projects for air on FOX News Channel, and content for other platforms such as numerical properties FOX News. "

This suggests, at least superficially, that Fox is the influence of Beck and does not burn as bridges.

As the New York Times a few weeks ago was the introduction of original programming available on Beck's website initiates, and an extension of this phenomenon on FOX makes sense for Beck.

Whether it happens is another question.

A person who worked with us before Ailes said that when Ailes said: "I look forward to continuing to work to work with him" what he means is: "Do not let the door hit you on the way out. "

They have also sent us a rumor (unconfirmed completely) that Wendy Murdoch, the more comfortable with pelvic pressure and her husband Rupert was to make a train.

But what is really happening? You must not let this Fox platform, or lose the power ratings as Beck willy-nilly.

There is no shortage of people jumped on credit and remove your finger exactly on Beck.

Media Matters, which devotes most of its global anti-Beck Fox any report, now a statement of the founder himself, who shared "the only surprise that it took months for Fox News In reaching this decision."

The Jewish Fund for Justice, the group that the ad in the Wall Street Journal has been signed by all the rabbis, which was subsequently denounced by the Anti-Defamation League, said Beck was fired because he " was rejected by the Jews. "In a word, no.

Beck, and Fox are separate paths, because Beck had too much power and control was not Fox.

As I have repeatedly stressed, Beck employs his own public relations firm outside of the PR team known Fox. It is there, (which begins, in my experience, rarely, never reached for the account of a round, especially after the announcement of things like his plan began 100 years and really gain steam) is not Fox, with many public relations Beck's.

Fox vibrate as the absolute control of their stars. Glenn Beck, whose office outside of the building and its many media stocks Fox put it on course to become a sort of media mogul on his own, has increasingly beyond their control.

There is perhaps no coincidence that the Fox News website "has been considerably strengthened its game from the website of Beck Blaze last year.

People are about loss of Beck's advertisers and wildest state, he concentrated (which appears on most frequencies, the time, he called Obama a racist, even if it happened the way Back in July of 2009) that the momentum of the leave. And they have certainly been contributing factors.

But the mood in the morning and Fox friends and you will soon hear a lot of people say incredibly offensive things on Fox every day - the difference is that Fox was to dominate, they normally make them able to do so. Less with Beck.

So to speak, it was a joint decision is likely to be much more accurate.

For Beck, it's almost a lateral move - not to say Keith Olbermann us a kingdom Beck media waiting for him and probably his own case study could look at this new media world, let alone stars dependent on the traditional cable platforms.

For Fox, it means they are no longer for someone to not like the answer to respond.

What remains uncertain is when the move will take place. After all, what the details of Beck's "transition" is not there to be beaten, and nobody really knows if Beck vary. If it is still a week? Good question. One thing is certain, Fox does not see how the ratings for a long time to come.