Death to disco, young Pisa had taken opiates and ecstasy

Florence, May 2 - It 's been a lethal mix of drugs to kill the young man of 20 years, died yesterday morning at the hospital lots of Pontedera, in Pisa. The boy, Aldo Valentini Pallotto, residing in Zoagli (Genova) was participating in the 'no stop ' for 12 hours, organized by the club 'Insomnia' Ponsacco. A sudden illness took him about 6 am, was transported by ambulance to hospital where he died around 13. 
As explained by the police, the toxicological analysis show that would take a mix of ecstasy and opiates. The 'no stop' music was intended to celebrate the closing dell'Insomnia, considered a cult club in the nineties.

In its place came the 'dress code'. Large deployment of police for the occasion: in the night, 500 people were checked, with 5 withdrawals of licenses for driving under the influence of alcohol, some complaints of possession of drugs, including one for trafficking.