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Followers of Ouattara, Gbagbo's residence storm

In the Ivory Coast is the power struggle continues unabated. Supporters of the democratically elected president Alassane Ouattara on Wednesday stormed the residence of former rulers of Laurent Gbagbo in Abidjan.
The power struggle in the Ivory Coast is obviously prior to the decision: supporters of the democratically elected president Alassane Ouattara in Abidjan on Wednesday raided the premises on which its rival Laurent Gbagbo, remained holed up. The goal is to capture Gbagbo said a spokeswoman Ouattaras. 
"Right now, they have not yet taken Gbagbo, but that will happen soon," the spokeswoman said by telephone from Abidjan Affoussy Bamba the French television station France-24. The fighters had penetrated to the site. Gbagbo was, according to correspondents in a bunker in the economic capital Abidjan, surrounded by troops Ouattaras.

Gbagbo meanwhile said the French radio station RFI in an interview that was broadcast on Wednesday, he won the election last November. For him, the question is not to give up the presidency. "We are not in a negotiating phase," he said.

On Tuesday, Gbagbo had sent an envoy to negotiate with foreign ambassadors on the conditions for his resignation. Diplomatic sources rumored, however, Gbagbo has so obviously want to gain time.

France denies involvement
His spokesman in Europe on Wednesday sought to portray the attack on Gbagbo's residence in Abidjan as a foreign intervention. He said that French soldiers had stormed the house of Gbagbo. France must be held accountable if Gbagbo, his wife and family members and others inside the building should come to death. This danger.

The French military spokesman Thierry Burkhard had held back the information. France was not involved in the attack on the site. Diplomats supported this information.
Members of Gbagbo's own militia lay down their arms more often. Eye witnesses said that soldiers had gone out of his units in the night Wednesday in a church in Abidjan where they stripped and had taken the guns and uniforms. According to the United Nations, three senior generals had been voted president have called on their own militia to cease fire.