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These questions were left open for fairytale wedding ...

A fairy tale come true! Citizens daughter Kate Middleton married Prince William! A million people on the ground in London, two billion people around the world from the screens followed the dream wedding. Everyone was delighted everything went according to plan! Yet some questions remain unanswered. BILD.de has the answers!
Why had Kate and William not to the registry office?
In England it is enough if the marriage takes place in a church registered for marriage. Prior to 1900 guests in Westminster Abbey and two billion TV viewers were in the couple tied the knot. After that Kate and William went back to the immediate families in the St. Edward's Chapel behind the altar. There, they put down their names in the marriage register.

What happens to Kate's bridal bouquet?

The bridal bouquet is thrown among the people, but lands on a tomb in Westminster Abbey. This was quite in the line of royal tradition, said Clarence House. The grave is the "Tomb of the Unknown Soldier" (Tomb of the Unknown Warrior), a symbolic memorial to the fallen soldiers of the British armed forces.

As Kate and William are named after the wedding?

From the middle of the wedding was with Catherine Middleton, while officially a Royal Highness, but no princess. Queen Elizabeth has given her grandson William, shortly before the ceremony the title of Duke of Cambridge. So that his wife automatically "Your Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge" is addressed.

Why does not Prince William wedding ring?

Prince William will wear at his wedding to Kate Middleton no wedding ring. This was the couple so desired, so the official statement from the palace. Many men of the British upper class and nobility do without the ring as a sign of their marital status. The custom was already known only to the soldiers in the Second World War. Even Prince Philip do not wear a ring, British media reported. Prince Charles was a sign of his marriage to Camilla, only a small gold ring on his signet ring on the little finger of his left hand.

Why Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were not invited?

The two former Labour Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown had not been invited to a dream wedding. A political punishment? The palace shook his head. A spokesman said: "The wedding is private and not a state matter. The protocol therefore does not require that former prime minister will be invited. "

What do the new title of Kate and William?
The title of Duke ("Duke") and Duchess (Duchess) of Cambridge have an old tradition. Thus already were called two English kings, princes when they were still, James II (reigned 1685-1689) and George II (1727-1760). The title of Duke of Cambridge, of course, always reminds us of the famous university, has also studied at the Prince Charles. In the English monarchy, it is usual for the Queen gives courtesy title, from the bottom up to the Baron and Duke ("Duke"). Certain duchies are reserved for members of the royal family. Thus, Queen Consort Philip Duke of Edinburgh and Williams stepmother Camilla Duchess of Cornwall.

William was allowed to turn in the church not as Kate walked down the aisle?
In the Anglican Church it is tradition that the groom awaits the bride at the altar, her face turned to the altar. Only when the bride is standing next to him, he may cast the first look at his future wife in a wedding dress.

Why does Kate's ring not immediately?
William had significant problems, the ring on Kate's finger knuckle push. This was probably because Kate was excited. The stress hormone cortisol can quickly lead to water retention. Possible consequence: The fingers swell.

Why was Kate's sister Pippa, a white dress?
Do not wear a white at the wedding of another woman is an unwritten law.
Kate's sister and maid of honor Philippa (27) did not keep it - in coordination with Kate. As a sign of solidarity of the sisters. As Kate's wedding dress and Pippa's robe came with a hint of champagne color from the designer Sarah Burton. "The dress was in style cautious," says the Daily Mail, not outshone the bride. "

Why the Queen had a blanket on her lap?
Traditionally, women's basket ("lap blankets) to the womb to be protected from the damp and cool weather at Carriage blankets. In London yesterday, it was humid at 17 degrees and slightly windy. The Queen, as much as 85 years old, maintains this habit is often the case in the luxury vehicles of their fleet.

Why Kate looked during the parade down when saluting Will?
William, an officer in the Royal Air Force saluted several times on the parade route. Among other things, as the couple at the "Cenotaph" passed, a World War II monument. Kate lowered her eyes that it was a touching sign of respect, humility and awe.